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David Newland, USA

“This is Not a War!”

Just so you all know,

I may be killing people,

But it’s not in a war,

It’s a favor I bestow.

To Ukraine I send troops,

Commanded by generals,

With tanks, rockets and mortars.

But no, this is not a war!

My bombers drop bombs,

My soldiers shoot people,

Tanks level homes and stores,

Schools and churches, and more,

But no, this is not a war!

Missiles are fired at theater,

Where kids, women take shelter,

Kill them by hundreds and more.

But no, this is not a war!

Dead bodies stacked up mountain high,

Pain shrieking up to the sky,

Rivers flow with blood and gore.

But no, this is not a war!

Ukrainians kicked out of homeland,

Seeking refuge in Moldova, Poland…

Numbering three million and more.

But no, this is not a war!

Thousands of troops have died,

With few really knowing why,

Ukraine we must take over.

But no, this is not a war!

Russians are told to be deaf,

To any truth that is spread,

Or 15 years behind bars,

If they dare call this a war!

David Newland

March 26, 2022

#Ukraine #War #Russia #Putin

Footnote: Russian Pres. Putin says his invasion into Ukraine is "not a war"

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