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David Newland U.S.A.

Excerpt from "Ukraine War in Poetry"

“Ode to a Comedian”

To Volodymyr Zelensky

President of Ukraine

So, they say you were a comedian,

All of a sudden became president,

Yet what you are doing is no jokes,

But a lesson for the world to learn.

While many would have flown the coop,

You are staying with your troops,

This globe would have been different,

If there’d been more as you so good.

Running a country so tiny,

Invaded by a ruthless enemy,

Despite odds that would bend the will of gods,

You don’t flinch in the face of hostility.

Even if Ukraine is now shattered,

With you it’ll gloriously recover,

Because with you at the lead,

The nation will fight forever.

Even if you are to fall,

Followers will shape by your mold,

Your high spirit will be the crutch,

For Ukraine to stand up and roll.

David Newland

March 15. 2022

#Ukraine #Zelensky #War

Останні пости

Дивитися всі

Дякую вам, наші захисники та захисниці! Наша броня, натхнення та віра! Дякую за кожен день життя Вам! Мрію, щоб всі ви повернулися живі додому!

Дякую за спокійний сон! Повертайтесь живими і здоровими ❤

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