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David Newland, U.S.A.


(Russia’s War Crimes in Bucha, Ukraine, According to News Reports)

I never want to ask God why,

For I can’t count all the ways,

That I may not get a reply,

This time I’ll ask anyway.

Take Bucha, where women are raped,

As tears drown their children’s faces,

Men with hands tied, bullets in skulls.

I really would like to know why.

Burned bodies stacked up in piles,

Blackened hands begging for life,

Faces twisted in pain of torture.

I really would like to know why.

One body has an eye gorged out,

Charred remains of kids abound,

Rotten for weeks, feeding flies.

I really would like to know why.

Civilians are shot by hundreds

By Russians who don’t discriminate,

Firing machine guns takka takka.

I really would like to know why.

They say you’re the God Almighty,

For things to happen you must agree,

Did you agree or not agree,

On these horrific atrocities?

Are you the true Almighty?

Or like the U.N., not so mighty?

Should I keep or quit my faith?

I really would like to know. Really.

David Newland

April 6, 2022

#Ukraine #Bucha #WarCrime


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