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David Newland

Please read "New Art of War" attached

“New Art of War”

“Shock and awe” has failed,

Bombers been shot down,

Warships too been drowned.

New tactic must be found!

Mariupol I cordon,

Water lines I then cut off,

All meat and wheat I burn

Let’s see to what they turn.

Food trucks come to the gate,

My troops kick them away

This new strategy is best;

I’ll just starve them to death.

I’ll just sit back and wait,

For women, children to beg,

On weak limbs, they genuflect

Here is our town, Sir, you take.

Sun Tzu, roll over in grave,

Your “Art of War” I’ll rewrite:

If all else fails in one’s quest,

The starvation trick is the best.

David Newland

April 16, 2022

#Mariupol #Ukraine #War #Starvation #WarStrategy

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